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Dalian SONGLONE Pump Group Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest anti-corrosive pump manufacturers and a professional industrial pump manufacturer in China. We are the national high-tech enterprise.We are a specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative enterprise. We ranks 13th in China's pump industry. We are the member of the Dalian Quality Association. We enjoy the fame of a famous brand of Dalian. We have fruitful experience and techniques,for more than 20 years, in researching, designing and manufacturing anti-corrosive pump and industrial pump. So far, our main products have reached the leading level at home and abroad. The company has three factory areas, covering 140000㎡, which are respectively located in Shisanli Industrial Park in Dalian Bonded Area, in Sanjianpu Industrial Park in Lvshunkou District,Dalian and Hongjia Industrial Park in Lvshunkou District, Dalian. And the total building area is 71000 square meters with 570 employees, over 300 professional and technical personnel. The output of the company is 18693 pumps in 2022, with 856 million annual output value, and the total asset of 700 million.

The advanced and energy-saving pump project of“the second factory of Dalian SONGLONE Pump Group Co., Ltd.”, located in Shisanli Industrial Park in Dalian Bonded Area, was listed as the major project of Dalian of the second quarter. It was signed and started centralizedly.

There were only 3 nominated companies and we were honoured to be one of them. There were 18 companies to sign on-site. Zhang guoqing, secretary of Liaoning provincial committee of the CPC, attended the meeting, and Hu yuting, deputy secretary of Liaoning provincial committee of the CPC and Secretary of Dalian municipal Party, and Chen shaowang, mayor of Dalian, had made important speeches.  
  Machine Shop:It has more than 200 sets of professional production equipment, including CNC machine tools, machining centers, large boring machines, large vertical lathes, precision grinders and other precision machine tools, etc.

Casting Shop:It has 6 electric steel-making furnaces of 0.25 to 20 tons, which can produce 30 kinds of stainless steel and duplex stainless steel materials, and the largest pump casting can reach 30 tons. Precision casting and other advanced manufacturing equipment improve the accuracy and smoothness of the pump, and the impellers of precision casting improve and ensure the efficiency and the service life of the pump, saving a lot of electricity cost for users.

 Test and Detection: advanced testing equipment is a necessary means to ensure the quality. Our company has advanced testing equipment such as German dynamic balancing machine, British spectrometer, non-destructive testing equipment, large-scale microcomputer pump  testing station, etc. The test capacity of the station is the largest in Northeast China, which can test 10kV, 6kV and 380V pumps at the same time, and can test pumps with the flow rate of 60000?/ h.

 Quality Assurance System: our company owns ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, ISO45001 international occupational health and safety management system certification, China energy saving product certification, American API certification,CE certification of the European Union , American ASME certification, etc. 
 Technical Force: in the early 1990s, our company digested and absorbed Swiss and German technology, and hired many experts, so we had developed the high-quality and energy-saving products, which won many national patents. In order to maintain technology-leading , our company has built a four-story ,4600 square meter, R & D center which separates from the three-story production building. R & D center includes pump design department, pump R & D department, mechanical seal branch, foundry technology and materials department.

  Products and Service: our company produces 33 series, over 600 varieties and more than 3000 specifications of products, among which 16 series reach the international leading level and are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, fertilizer, mining, metallurgy, coking,  power, paper making, automobile, medicine, starch, alcohol, food, water conservancy and other industries. Products are sold to 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and exported to more than 50 countries in Asia, Africa, America, Europe. Our company has set up 26 branch offices and joint marketing points all over the country, and has achieved five-star after-sales service. In order to make users satisfied, the company has conducted special training for all service personnel.

For years, we won the trust of the customers at home and abroad building on the leading technology, high standard of product quality , and the improvement of the service. So far, our company has over 3000 clients and has become the qualified supplier of more than ten large enterprises directly under the central government and of nuclear power plants.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of the survival of the enterprise. Based on the principle of "quality is life, management is the benefit, technology is the guide, service is the purpose". Our company is determined to forge ahead, innovate and develop, give full play to our own advantages, grasp the advanced technology of the times, and provide the users with more reliable and high-quality products.










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